In existence for over forty years, the AMCA represents the views of residents on issues related to Arlington County services, activities and proposals.  Community members serve on several committees to both represent the residents and, importantly, to bring resources into the neighborhood. 

The AMCA Board of Directors includes:  President, Vice President, Secretary and Membership Coordinator.  Other currently appointed positions include:  Communications Coordinator, NCAC and Form Base Code Representatives.  

Additional positions may be assigned on an as-needed-basis.For additional information or to express interest in any of these positions, please contact our Membership Coordinator at membership[at]arlingtonmill[dot]org.

Time of Year 
Amount of Time for Volunteers 
Signage Upkeep 
The neighborhood is responsible for the upkeep and beautification of the landscaping around the neighborhood signage.
2 hours twice a year
Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC) 
Neighborhood Conservation's Mission: To enhance residential areas by providing citizen-initiated public improvements in a timely manner, based upon regularly-updated, neighborhood-developed plans.

Any neighborhood that is not represented will not be eligible to apply for NC funds for neighborhood projects involving curb, gutter sidewalk, park and recreation facilities, traffic management, street lights, and beautification.  The NCAC program has provided over $1 million in resources to Arlington Mill thus far and is an important asset to the neighborhood.

Representative attends the meetings held on the second Tuesday of the month, at 7:30 pm, represents Arlington Mill neighborhood interests, works with the AMCA membership to develop projects for community approval and application to the NCAC for funding, represents the Arlington Mill neighborhood during the funding round and reports on the meetings to the community at the civic association meetings.

NCAC on the web: 
About 3 hrs a month to attend NCAC  meetings and 30 minutes to report at the bimonthly civic association meeting
Civic Association Board: President 
The President presides at all meetings of the Association and represents the Association at activities and meetings regarding neighborhood civic matters. (ex. CPRO Pike Presidents meetings, Arlington Mill Community Center, Arlington County offices, etc.)

The President is the main point of contact for the neighborhood and receives correspondence on civic matters. The President works with the AMCA board members to disseminate information, provide reference on who to contact on civic issues and engage with the community at large.
Periodic; 1-3 hours per event - meeting
Civic Association Board: Vice President 
The Vice President/Program Director performs the responsibilities of the President in the absence of or request of the President.  In consultation with the President, arranges for speakers to address the AMCA meetings on topics of interest to the community. 

This officer focuses on community engagement and providing opportunities for the neighborhood to meet socially and recreationally. (Ex. Tree Give away, Neighborhood clean up, social events, etc)
Periodic; 1-3 hours per event - meeting
Civic Association Board: Secretary 
The Secretary takes minutes of the Association meetings, submits them for approval and posts them to the association website.
Six meetings a Year
Periodic: 12  hours a year
Civic Association Board: Membership Director 
The Membership Director recruits new members to the Association and maintains a list of Association members.  The Membership Director will present new members at the Association meetings.  
Six meetings a Year
Periodic: 12  hours a year
The communications director updates the association's website, posts notices and other relevant information on the neighborhood Kiosk (Tyrol Hills Park) and suggests other means of communicating neighborhood and civic association information to Arlington Mill residents.
Flexible: approx. 24 hrs. a year
Form Based Code (FBC) Advisory Working Group  (FBCWG) Representative 
The County Manager charged County staff and a group of community members to collaboratively discuss and review the FBC from a technical perspective to ensure that it is a clear, discernible, and useful document that implements the vision for Columbia Pike.

Periodic; 1-3 hours per meeting